Transforming the digital enterprise with AV

The artificial intelligence (AI) assistant activates and asks if you have any questions. You ask several questions and the AI responds verbally along with additional information displayed on the monitor. The AI cannot answer one of your questions and connects you to a live product expert for a real-time video chat. 

As you put the headphones in your shopping cart, the AI thanks you for your purchase while the digital signage monitor changes to display various accessories that complement your specific model of the headphones. Before you leave the section, the AI assistant asks if you would like to post the picture of you wearing the headphones to your social media account. It then asks you why you purchased and what features you would like to see in the future. 

From your picture you just saved, advanced computer vision algorithms determine your shopper demographics (gender, age group). Your survey responses and demographic data are saved in the market research database for later analysis by the store manager and manufacturer’s marketing department.




The digital enterprise becomes real
This is one small example, in a retail setting, of the possibilities enabled by the digital transformation of businesses around the world today. Unlike today’s technology enabled businesses, tomorrow’s digital enterprises are built completely around technology and comprehensively “re-imagine” its engagement with its employees, customers, channel partners, and suppliers to create continuous value. These digital enterprises are hyper-connected, adaptive, intelligent, and agile with technology highly integrated into new operational processes, policies and organizations that unlock its transformative capabilities. 


AV-IT convergence is over. AV-IT innovation has arrived. 
In the digital enterprise, the strategic fusion of AV and IT leads to richer customer experiences, business acceleration, and operational agility.  AV becomes a weapon for innovation and competitive differentiation, an enabler of efficiency and effectiveness, and a key contributor of growth and profitability.

In the digital enterprise, AV is mission critical and a strategic part of the IT portfolio. There are no separate networks for IT and AV. There is only one network – a digital enterprise network. AV is not the “other guy’s” responsibility but everyone’s imperative across the organization - AV, IT, sales, marketing, finance, operations, and support. 

IT managers become the strategic architects of the digital enterprise
Today’s CIOs, CTOs and IT managers are the digital enterprise architects of tomorrow. Their tools are IT, AV and Internet of Things (IoT). They integrate and transform the enterprise, the channel, customers and the supply chain. They speak AV and become the Rosetta stone between IT, AV and the business. 

Effective digital architects plan the transformation of the enterprise with AV in mind. They understand the capabilities and limitations of AV technologies, and know what, when and how to deploy them to enable new capabilities while solving existing problems better.

Effective digital architects build their AV capabilities into their strategic plans and roadmaps where it is continuously reviewed and updated. They invest in AV and develop them so that it becomes a sustainable competitive differentiator for the enterprise.  

Farewell AV-IT convergence. Hello AV-IT innovation. Welcome to the digital enterprise.



Find out more about AV-IT Innovation and the digital enterprise at and Integrated Systems Europe 2017 (7-10 February 2017) and the Smart Building Conference at ISE (RAI, Amsterdam 6 February 2017). These events present a great opportunity for CIOs and Enterprise Managers to hear from thought leaders and explore the technologies that will transform the way businesses operate in the future. Visit and to register for your place and for additional exhibitor and programme information. 



Benson Chan is an AV/IT innovation strategist at Strategy of Things, an innovation management consultancy helping businesses innovate and thrive in a hyper-connected world. Visit for more information.


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