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Retailers are looking for ways to add value to their brands and to relate to customers. To this end, lots of retailers are focusing on creating an excellent retail experience for their customers, using the in-store experience as the main tool to attract, engage and retain customers. In this rush to adopt the next big thing, some retailers are failing to attract customers at the first point of contact, their shop windows.


Over one hundred year’s ago it can be argued that Selfridges changed the way we all shopped!

Selfridge's principle was that shopping should be enjoyable rather than a chore.

Anyone who knows the history of Harry Gordon Selfridge knows that he was an innovator, and a sharp businessman—earning his “Chief” title every day with new ideas for keeping his department store relevant and exciting and to this end he knew the importance of the store windows.  Selfridges was one of the first department stores to stage elaborate window displays and the anticipation of the crowds waiting to glimpse a new display was sometimes greater than the crowds waiting to get into the store and shop. Selfridges has always been known for its window displays, and the design innovation and element of surprise is still going strong today.


Senior Vice President of Retail at Apple Inc, Angela Ahrendts was quoted as saying,

“The thing is, I don’t want to be sold to when I walk into a store. I want to be welcomed.”

We all know that Apple is the current benchmark for all forms of retail.

If retailers can throw out that welcome message to customers before they even step inside the store, surely this is the most powerful tool they have in the toolbox?

Lighting is a powerful tool for grabbing attention, setting the right tone and making sure merchandise looks it’s best.  It can also play a surprising role in creating excellent retail experiences.

New eco-friendly, easy to use LED lighting systems with dynamic lighting properties such as our Invisua Masterspot system can be used to attract more customers and create engaging window displays. The Invisua dynamic lighting solution is very easy to use and install. The Masterspot is a wireless controlled system and required no additional wiring infrastructure, fixtures simply plug in to existing light tracks. With features like the new Invisua #Gofilter web app your visual merchandiser can just take an image of the store window on their mobile device, then like adding a filter to an ‘Instagram’ post they can use the built-in lighting filters to instantly change the actual physical light fixture in the window display. This can really take your shop windows to the next level.  We can also suggest simple techniques to use dynamic lighting in a way that will enhance any window display and welcome any passerby.


Retail concepts don’t need to be reinvented time and time again to be successful.

You just need to remember the ones that work, execute them well in fine detail, add a splash of magic with our dynamic lighting solution and all your customers or potential customers will feel like you have made a real effort to welcome them inside.


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