Can you imagine installing a light in 5 seconds or maybe positioning and powering a TV or digital signature in one swift move? Electrification methods that have so long been associated with cables, plugs, powerlines and contact grids become a thing of the past. The future belongs to wireless electrification and MAGNWALL brings the first ready-to-market solution.

German innovation

A German-born innovation. Ultra-thin steel panels measuring 19inches with special coverage transmit electricity safely from the nearest power outlet. Joined together they can cover and electrify any space a designer or architect wishes. Without the need for screws, wires, batteries and grids: lights, LED merchandise and any device that includes the patented MAGNWALL connector are able to receive energy and power up as soon as they make contact with any MAGNWALL surface.

In fact, this new technology of completely electrified displays and flexible magnetic merchandise comes exactly at the time when the need for speedy, flexible, engaging and environmentally friendly retail environments has become so urgent.

Benefits of going cable-free

MAGNWALL truly revolutionizes the old way of thinking: giving designers, architects and visual merchandisers absolute freedom for interior and display design. From “plug and play” to “touch and play” solutions. Without the need for wires, cables, grids, screws or batteries. Everything magnetic, everything electrified, safe, secure and mobile.

Once installed MAGNWALL surfaces can accommodate unlimited changes in design layouts and looks. It reduces installation efforts and costs for on-going campaign changes.

Instead of utilising wood or cartons as display reinforcements MAGNWALL relies on multiple usage magnets. Making the displays more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

LED mobile lights set a perfect lighting accent and increase the efficiency of a venue. As in the past “traditional lights” were dictated by the positioning of power-rails and cable-grids, today and tomorrow such limitations do not exist. Moreover, no electricians are needed to move or reinstall mobile lights. The same is valid for fixing or repositioning shelves, digital signature and audio-speakers.

Probably one of the biggest pluses that makes MAGNWALL so attractive is the aesthetical benefit of removing cables and grids. Communicating brand messages without them is truly a designer’s dream.

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Terry Clark
Author: Terry Clark