With the popularity of architectural and stone finishes including the now ubiquitous terrazzo, UNILIN, division panels, is making sure that interior projects can enjoy an authentic look without the expense and complexities of the genuine material.

Ceppo Mineral Grey, one of the 168 decors available in the UNILIN Evola surface collection, accurately captures a natural stone effect for a panel with a rich mineral look well-suited to interiors focused on high-end finishes. Framed by Evola marble effects or teamed with edgings in brushed gold and brushed bronze, Ceppo Mineral Grey delivers mid-century uptown Manhattan sophistication. Or why not use Ceppo to create an ultra-contemporary glamour vibe, teamed with statement light features and bold colour-block finishes.


What’s more thanks to the adaptability and durability of UNILIN Evola HPL and melamine, Ceppo Mineral Grey can be used on everything from wall panels and column features to reception desk fascia, café tables, work desks, doors and work surfaces. It’s all-round performance, low weight and ease of maintenance far outstrips natural stone, making it not just a more cost-effective option, but one that outperforms the original too. 

Sofie Coulier, UNILIN, division panels: “Here at UNILIN we focus on authenticity and staying true to the natural material as we believe this is fundamental in bringing designers the authenticity they need. With every finish the subject of close inspection at hand-over and surfaces often revealed to clients before furniture is installed, the attention-to-detail we pay in product development ensures that material looks such as Ceppo Mineral Grey do not disappoint. Almost indiscernible from genuine stone, Ceppo – in either mineral grey or seashore beige – is a winner for any designer looking to deliver their clients the authentic look of original surfaces without the pitfalls and expense they bring.”

Scratch and stain-resistant, safe from fading and easy to wipe down, Ceppo Mineral Grey features UNILIN’s Topmat surface finish for low shine and is available in HPL, edging tape, Clicwall and melamine-faced panels. All Evola melamine-faced panels are made from 100% circular wood, including a minimum 85% recycled content. Not only great performing, Ceppo Mineral Grey delivers a more sustainable solution to extracting raw material from natural resources.

Free A4 samples of all Evola decors can be ordered from the UNILIN, division panels website.

For more information; unilinpanels.com, info.panels@unilin.com