Imagine the morning sunshine glittering across the landscape, bathing flora and fauna in a fresh blanket of light. The sun’s rays have always been the measure of all things in the lighting world. The primary aim of many luminaire designers is to achieve a natural lighting effect in closed rooms. And it is precisely this effect that lighting specialist Ansorg achieves with its new aisle zone luminaire, Aila.

Depending on the language being spoken, Aila means reliability, sunshine or “bringer of light”. In other words, the name is perfectly apt because Aila illuminates shelf products reliably, energy and cost-efficiently with its strong, brilliant, homogenous and glare-free light. The luminaire has a very flat design, different beam characteristics and the surface mounted version has an almost 360-degree rotation radius, which means it can be ideally adapted to all aisle types and shelf geometries. Although it was developed for the food retail segment, this extraordinarily adaptable luminaire is also suitable for DIY stores or car salesrooms. If Ansorg had to give the Aila luminaire a second name to express its most outstanding feature it would be “flexibility”.

The new LED efficiency marvel is available as a single or double-directional washer. In the wide-beam version Aila performs the function of a downlight for the additional illumination of centre-aisle display tables with homogenous and glare-free light. The light is emitted by a multitude of individual diodes to ensure shadow-free shopping in any product display scenario.

The Aila luminaire incorporates an innovative lens system and comes in a surface-mounted or recessed version. The lens module can be pivoted by up to ten degrees for adaptation to individual lighting requirements. Aila therefore easily compensates for slight deviations in aisle layout, ensuring perfect lighting throughout the entire store.

Aila’s flexibility makes it ideal for positioning on top of gondolas to draw attention to the feature products displayed in them. It is also a flexible basic lighting fixture. All the various options allow the luminaire to illuminate the products on the entire shelf, from base to top, in dynamic and brilliant light. A spacing of 2.70 metres between each Aila fixture gives the ceiling a calm and harmonious appearance while maximising purchase and operation cost efficiency.

Aila combines the high-quality light of the Ansorg spotlights with the flexibility of a strip light. It promotes sales by ensuring vertically balanced and shadow-free light distribution. High energy efficiency means low operating costs, so the investment in the new lighting concept is quickly amortised. Aila is an indispensable element of any lighting design concept for the cost-conscious aficionado of promotional lighting.

Terry Clark
Author: Terry Clark