Consisting of individual LED screens in multiple shapes and sizes, ‘Alphas’ bring everything to life. Where there was once only the usual options available in built ups, now, with ‘Alphas’ you can supercharge the whole design and give your clients something completely unique. There are 9 standard shapes of Alpha tiles used to make up the letters. We can produce bespoke tiles if needed.

Alphascreens™ are our term for finished built up digital letters and shapes, all wired up ready to plug in. They’re made up of 2 main parts, the screens (Alphas) and the carcass it all fits inside. The carcass is the traditional built up shape, available in all the usual materials and finishes, and just like standard built ups you can have rimless, rim & return, keyline options plus many more.


The Alphas can be fit inside the carcass in many different ways depending on how you want them to look, so can be tailored to what you need, and then the best bit….. VIDEO! Just like a standard digital screen, any video or animation can be uploaded on to the Alphas to give a completely bespoke solution, that you, your clients and their customers have never seen before. 4 LED Pitch / 5v – Alphas all have a 4mm LED pitch which is suitable for a viewing distance from as close as 2m, with an optimal range of 4m plus.

The Designs: Basic, Branded, Bespoke

The shape of the Alphas means that standard block fonts are very straight forward to accommodate. We have an ever-expanding range of standard styles to choose from to make life easier, however, if you need branded logos and bespoke signage, this is where Alphascreens™ are at their best. We can produce intricately shaped logos and text to suit most requirements. The bigger the job, the more intricate we can be.

Free 3d Visuals

To make it easier to discuss the job with your client, and until we have a bank of images to use, we’ll provide a free 3d visual at the quoting stage.

Setup & Costs – Simplicity is the key!

We realise that digital screens might be new to you and possibly a little daunting. We want you to have confidence when speaking with your client, so we’ve broken down the different elements needed to create Alphascreens™. Some are an essential element, some are optional. This allows you to be as hands on as much or as little as you want to be.

• Alphas (Required) – Digital screens, power/data cables and carrier panels. All pre-wired.

• Carcass (Optional – However this will be included in the quote unless otherwise stated) Built up letter/shape, supplied with the Alphas already in place, secured and pre-wired. If you choose to make the built up yourself, we will send you digital artwork as a guide to make sure everything fits together.

• Hardware Setup (Required) – Initial programming to setup the parameters of the Alphas for the size and shape of your job. This includes implementing and testing your animation once created.

• Animation Design (Optional) – Creating the video/animation for the Alphas using your description. If you want to supply the animation we will discuss in more detail how we need it supplying.

Re-Use or Recycle

Alphascreens™ have been developed so that as many elements as possible used in the manufacture of the letters, can be re-used or recycled.

How does this work?

• For Short Term Projects (up to 3months) such as seasonal promotions, window displays & exhibition stands: When you’ve finished with the Alphascreens™, send them back to us and we will give you a pre-agreed credit on your account to use on future jobs. The returned Alphas will be re-used for our own samples, or stripped down for recycling.

• For Medium to Long Term Projects (1yr plus) such as traditional signs, point of sale and branding: Send them back to us and we’ll not only recycle them free of charge, but will also give you 5% discount on a future Alphascreens™ order.

• Repurposing – If you want to re-use the letters for another project, ie: Repurposing, send them back to us, we’ll dismantle and test the components, and use as many parts as possible on your new job meaning you only pay for any replacement or extra bits needed.

We can also offer flexible content management packages as well as service agreements for varying lengths, all tailored to your specific requirements.

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