Transformed in early 2019, this sophisticated new cocktail bar is a stunning example of a successful renovation from a dated interior into a new, bustling destination in Clapham.

Using a range of reclaimed materials sourced and supplied by The Main Company, the building’s interior has been transformed into a stylish, contemporary space that seamlessly integrates into its prime central location. Spanning over two floors, with a fashionable cocktail bar on the ground floor, and a themed bar on the lower ground floor, this space offers a fun and stylish experience to customers defined by its rustic interiors.

Using a combination of products across the walls, floors and surfaces – including Antique Distressed Smoked Oak flooring and Silver Spruce cladding – the characterful wood from The Main Company has created a superb updated décor with a contemporary finish.

Utilising a unique configuration of distressed and salvaged wood, in an array of shades and patterns, the sleek, boho vibe of the upstairs bar contrasts with the bright, colourful aesthetic of the downstairs bar to create two separate areas that flow through the use of reclaimed wood.

The 225 square metres of Antique Distressed Smoked Oak flooring and steps used in the project featured a deeply weathered surface, which has been hand aged so no two pieces look the same. This creates a beautifully unique aesthetic throughout that captures the attention of the customers.

The truly defining feature of the space is the bar top, which is created from one single large oak slab – a truly impressive focal point within the room that creates a real sense of style and grandeur. The end result is a project that is inspirational yet comfortable, fashionable yet timeless.