Black Friday and Cyber Monday is infamous for its frenzied scenes, of smash and grab deals, where in the past you would have witnessed customers scrambling to grab the last plasma flat screen at its rock bottom price!

Traditionally, Black Friday derived from America in the 50’s as the sale directly after Thanksgiving, an antidote to the excess of Thanksgiving and the start of Christmas, but it was later in the 80’s boom it really made its mark. Black Friday and Cyber Monday, are now the most prolific shopping days in the UK calendar with high-street and online retailers joining the hype for some of the most potentially profitable shopping days of the year with shoppers hunting for crazy deals on traditionally high-priced items and a pre-Christmas bulk-buy gift shopping bonanza.


However, this year, there are a number of outside factors which raised retailers concern could affect the potential performance across this weekend. Black Friday this year falls on 29th November 2019, shortly followed by Cyber Monday on 2nd December 2019, which means there are less shopping days till Christmas and of course there’s the dreaded B-word – Brexit. With the uncertainty of Brexit and the financial climate, TradeGala found some retailers are unwilling to invest in Black Friday. That said, experts predict, there will be no ease in spending this year on the run up to Christmas and savvy customers will already have their eye on the best deals on the high street and online.

TradeGala, the online wholesale B2B marketplace, advise retailers and especially independent stores that Black Friday offers a great opportunity to invite new customers into their stores, as this controversial shopping season sees no loyalty, while customers hunt the most attractive deals. Whilst it’s an incredibly competitive time, customers are prepared to open their purses and seek out new retailers, brands products and deals. This isn’t just a chance to offload excess stock, but more an investment into customers who in the future will become brand loyal and repeat customers. It is sensible to make sure that stock levels are high for the Black Friday period, as any unsold stock is likely to be snapped up in the pre-Christmas rush, typically around the 3rd week of December.

City Goddess also known for Goddiva, a wholesale womenswear suppliers on TradeGala, suggest they sold over 10,000+ pieces in the craze of the Black Friday wholesale clothing sale period last year with customers now waiting for and requesting the same deals for this year. They also add that they now use September to sell off excess stock at a discounted rate to help boutiques to meet pre-sale and prime time sales across these shopping weeks, with the addition of discounted stock & seasonal stock for the Christmas rush.

Another interesting thought, is that they also now feel pushed into having to regularly offer discounts and reduce margins, as it is almost unusual to sell stock at full price anymore, with retailers and stores offering discounts and offers every week to entice new customers.

Insightfully the TradeGala “Pre-Black Friday” wholesale fashion sale starts from 6th November 2019 with a great number of TradeGala sellers offering great wholesale fashion deals a minimum of 30% off selected wholesale fashion, plus extra deals and discounts in the weeks leading up to the big Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend.  Sellers on TradeGala can expect to see an increase in sales during the Black Friday wholesale fashion sales throughout the month, particularly on discounted items, while our boutiques and retailers can take advantage of TradeGala’s one-stop-shop for top fashion brands.

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