Charles Tyrwhitt’s primary marketing story this season is all about highlighting to its customers the innovation within the brand’s product. From the classic non-iron products to the ever-growing stretch category, Charles Tyrwhitt wants to hammer home how it makes it easy for men to dress well.

‘With everyone returning back to work after the holidays, we wanted to convey to our customers how simple it is for them to stay looking smart all day with our commuter-friendly product through a clean window message,’ says Flora Evoli, VM project manager at Charles Tyrwhitt. ‘In order to do this, we drew inspiration from the environments of futuristic forms of transportation. From future designs of tube carriages and stations, to space craft, the common visual threads were the use of light and sleek silhouettes.’

The chevron motif was born from this, linking back into the stretch story as chevrons are commonly used as a visual symbol for direction and movement.

The visual team incorporated light into select stores through backlit versions of these chevron structures, illuminated mannequin plinths, and rings of light surrounding mannequins. This was intended to create a feeling of energy, evoking the benefits of the stretch product giving you flexibility and movement.

The team worked with a number of suppliers on the scheme including The Creative Key,Forming Reality and Lumens of London.

Terry Clark
Author: Terry Clark