When looking to buy new clothing, practicality needs to be the prime motivation for purchasing. Of course, value, visual appearance and our own personal taste are major factors, but practicality does not necessarily mean sacrificing any of these other factors. We often buy new items for a specific activity that formerly we had no need for: whether that be for work, leisure or a mixture of both. Climate often plays a role, with travels to countries or regions with colder with making a suitable coat and garments necessary in order to be fully prepared; for conditions of snow, appropriate footwear is paramount to the day-to-day activities and lifestyle. Primarily, however, acquiring the right clothing for the workplace that is suitable and safe clothing is a must. The importance of value, though, cannot be understated. Necessity is unavoidable, but the reality of personal finances cannot be ignored. Offering a range of practical, stylish clothing at a competitive rate, engelbert strauss offer the solution to any clothing needs.

Their philosophy is simple: “our work clothes are a turbo-booster, a uniform that activates the inner superhero in all of us.” In other words, they believe clothing offers the means to elevate ourselves. A new pair of sneakers may act as encouragement to beginning running and exercising; engelbert strauss strive to deliver sneakers that will make you run even faster. Established in 1948, with a family story that started back in 1908, and has evolved over four generations to now being one of the leading manufacturers workwear, work shoes and safety gear. Operating as a workforce with over 1,200 employees between 10 offices around Europe, engelbert strauss offer products most suited to skilled trades, industry and service sectors, as well as sporty, high performance clothing. The company uses only the most cutting-edge technology and methods, boasting incredibly skilled inhouse craftmanship to ensure the finest products.


The company has a long and rich history being formed in Germany in 1948. In the 1960s the company switched to mail order business, and started its catalogue business in 1973. The product range was gradually expanded to include garments and shoes. In 1994 a new 40,000 sqm building with a logistics centre was erected on the company grounds in Biebergemünd, around 50 km northeast of Frankfurt am Main. The engelbert strauss 50,000 sqm flagship store, was erected on the company grounds in Biebergemünd in 2015.

In 2016, engelbert stauss are committed to the Fear Wear Foundation: with the goal of improving global working conditions in the textile and production industry, recognising the importance of the supply chain in delivering a satisfactory result. Using trusted partners – some of whom produce exclusively for engelbert strauss – and only the highest quality raw materials in their pursuit of precision and perfection. All products are tested throughout the manufacturing process, and are available to purchase online, via a catalogue or in their own shops. Over 80% of products available to buy throughout the year, and twice a year a new range will be launched. Engelbert strauss understand the importance of safety, which is why their footwear range is matches the industry class rankings between S1-S5. Their emblem of the Strauss ostrich embodies those who are building the world.

It would be incorrect to assume, however, that engelbert strauss is solely for trade professions. Their range of sportswear (be that footwear or apparel) is ideal for a ski season or just for your day-to day life. Outside of industry, the need for practical clothing still exists. Quite simply, englebert strauss have a clear, simple goal: to make clothing that works for you, wherever that may be.