Brand-new bistro Dominique Ansel Treehouse in London’s prestigious Covent Garden opened its doors in early February and revealed its stunning interior design to excited customers.


Set within a stunning two-storey space the modern treehouse design is inspired by exploration and imagination, with casual cafe seating throughout both the ground floor and upstairs in the lofty treehouse canopy. A takeaway bakery counter on the ground floor offers pastries, tarts, and classic French viennoiserie, as well as coffee and tea. The interior included a truly bespoke ‘puzzle wall’ handcrafted by the So… Visualise team.

Business owner and founder of So… Visualise Lisa Borrie said: “We are very proud to announce our latest venture with this prestigious brand.

We had a very tight schedule for this project as we only got the go-ahead in November 2019. The puzzle wall was installed in January in time for the bistro’s grand opening.”

From one initial themed image, the team skilfully constructed a detailed 12-page brief for the project, showing a complete understanding of the client’s requirements. These included an escapist element, the ‘wow factor’ while also being the focal point within the new restaurant. The installation was also a large one, measuring 3.5metres and had to be installed in one day once the preparatory work was completed.

Lisa explained: “The immersive, interactive element was crucial for this project as it was extremely intricate with many highly crafted interlinking, overlapping smaller parts forming the large puzzle wall.

Our artisan creators were put through their paces with precise and exacting measurements so there was an overlapping yet fluid aspect to the finished puzzle once it was installed.”

The interactive installation included an image created by a third-party graphic designer featuring a forest theme. The individual parts created by Lisa and her team fitted together with the help of specially designed stainless-steel pivots that perpetuated the interactive nature of the installation. The overall effect was like a moveable picture puzzle with a tactile, wave-like vista that would be irresistible to diners at the Treehouse.

Dominique Ansel Treehouse is located in Floral Street, Covent Garden, London and is now open to the public.