METAWOOD – a full-service store fixture manufacturer providing innovative solutions to the retail industry – will offer a unique perspective on the elements that contribute to one-of-a-kind design and architectural experiences with the project 7D (SEVEN DIMENSIONS).

Based on nearly two decades of shopfitting for some of the best-known brands in fashion, parfum, jewellery and cosmetics, 7D is intended to celebrate the creativity and attention to detail that defines excellence in the luxury retail sector and inspire the next generation of those joining the industry.


7D will bring the insights and lessons learned from METAWOOD president Mikhail Rositsan and his team to life. The exhibit combines first-class engineering ingenuity with careful selection and use of the finest materials.

As the world’s one of the main retail trade fair, EuroShop 2020 offers an opportunity to reinforce the importance of maintaining an outstanding in-person experience in luxury retail, even amid the face of digital transformation. The displays in 7D will serve as a reminder that drawing upon the best in fine art, architecture and furniture design can bring harmony to customer experiences that need to focus on people, and not just the technologies they use to connect with a brand.

This leads us to new form of art- SEVEN DIMMENSIONS TRANSFER ART.

“No matter how the retail sector changes, we need to stay true to the elements of creation, lines of expression. To cultivate a spirit of imagination that will continue to compel consumer interest and loyalty“ said Mr. Mikhail Rositsan, METAWOOD President.Through our presence at EuroShop 2020, we will inspire young artists, designers and architects to take a look at the world from a 7D perspective.”

It’s possible to know this incredible project meeting the extraordinary METAWOOD people at Euroshop 2020:

Hall 12 / B71


Terry Clark
Author: Terry Clark