Flourish Trading has collaborated with the visual team at Marimekko for their recent launch at Fenwick. The Marimekko team needed a very swift turnaround to bring their new womenswear brand launch at the famous London store to life with high quality faux florals.


Working from visuals supplied by Marimekko, Flourish Trading advised on the best flowers according to the style and colour scheme required.  A combination of floristry expertise and VM experience was required to deliver finished products to Marimekko within just a few days.  Two full dressed boxes of faux flowers were used for the windows as well as two more in store.

Suzanne Cano, Managing Director Flourish Trading comments: “We provided a fully comprehensive VM service to the Marimekko team. Following consultation around the end product look and feel, we handled the dressing of floral blocks which were constructed to concise dimensions to fit troughs on site where mannequins could be easily positioned. The Marimekko brand is celebrated worldwide for its art of printmaking, with its strong prints and floral designs we were delighted to be involved in the launch.”

The look and feel desired by the brand was for lavender, daisies and other meadow flowers in yellows, whites and purples. Hundreds of flowers, grasses and foliage where supplied by Flourish Trading for the floral arrangements – using over 50 different products. The flowers selected included: yellow campanula sprays, different lavenders and cornflowers in purple and a selection of wild and other daisy and cream elderflower sprays and greenery.

The results really pull the merchandise out with a pop of freshness that compliments the fashion and style.

Established in 1951, the lifestyle design company’s unparalleled printed fabrics give the brand a strong and unique identity. Marimekko is a Finnish label empowers women to express their personality through liberating silhouettes in bold prints and colours. The Spring/Summer 2020 collection includes vibrant flower prints that meet iconic stripes with a focus on femininity and the full bloom of summer.