In a time of change and volatility we decided that it was time to ‘FIXIT‘ and are pleased to announce a collaboration that will give the UK a new and exciting way to create contemporary mannequins and visual merchandising displays.

GENESIS MANNEQUINS UK will combine the high end, high quality cutting edge mannequin designs of GENESIS MANNEQUINS with the international market expertise and world class services of GLOBAL RETAIL ASSOCIATES group.

Punk Deluxe

For the first time the UK market will have a dedicated and fully focused GENESIS MANNEQUINS proposition across mannequins and visual displays – supported by a UK based team of creative designers, project managers and account coordinators.

We believe retail is about experience and we invite you to experience GENESIS MANNEQUINS UK

The winning formula will soon be followed by the launch of similar ventures in combination with both Global Display South Africa and Global Display Australia. The possibilities for brands to determine their own vision for visual display will be enabled through direct design, 3D printing and supply services, with a sustainable and ethical approach from idea to implementation.

Add to this the extra versatility we can provide with our ‘ready-to-wear‘ figures, from abstract to realistic with wigs & make-up, along with display accessories props and window display the route to retail visual excitement is ready for you.

GLOBAL RETAIL ASSOCIATES comprises both GENESIS MANNEQUINS UK and the store fixture specialists RDi (Retail Display & Interiors).

For more information please email GENESISUK@GENESIS-DISPLAY.COM