A new addition to the London Bridge area, Jackman of Fukui, Japan are set to open their first UK shop on December 4th, lockdown restrictions allowing. Located just off the bustle of the famous Borough Market on Park Street, the brand add to the existing artisanal shopping landscape of the area with meticulously crafted, Japanese made, vintage sportwear inspired pieces that will fit right into any casual wardrobe.

Founded in 1949 in Fukuki, Japan by visionary Mitsugu Tanabe, the Tanabe Meriyasu factory started life as a single room with three machines. Inspired by the stockings of the visiting American baseball team in the years following the war, Tanabe began to create exceptional quality baseball stirrup stockings, even inventing new machines in order to yield a result superior to anything else available. The offering was soon extended to include other vintage sportswear inspired pieces, and the brand would go on to supply the official training wears for the Japanese Olympic team in 1964.


Fast forward to the present day and the factory brand continues to produce exemplary quality pieces from the original factory. With over 70 years of expertise, the highly skilled artisans even use vintage machines which despite taking longer, create garments much stronger and of a higher quality.

With a shop in Tokyo, and a small but growing fan base in the UK partly of the back of a successful collaboration with Suffolk based factory brand Lavenham, a London shop feels like a natural progression. Perfectly at home beside artisanal producers Neal’s Yard Fromagerie, Aesop and Cubits bespoke eyewear, Jackman follows the theme of quality and craftmanship the area is known for.

Top customers will receive their very own numbered baseball tag to hang on the shop wall, and limited-edition home and away coloured sweatshirts inspired by an old catalogue will be available exclusively in the London Bridge and Tokyo shops. Expect to find perfectly cut sweaters and tee shirts in the softest and most durable cotton, as well as casual trousers and heavier weight jersey jackets. The shop fit itself has been carefully considered and crafted, and remains sympathetic to the grade II listed building.

Perfect for fans of quality and craftmanship, and those who like their clothes to last for longer than a couple of seasons, Jackman is an exciting new bricks and mortar addition to the artisanal London Bridge shopping scene, set to cause a stir amongst London’s normcore subscribers.

Jackman Store, 3 Park Street, London, SE1 9AB