Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos has taken over the windows and interior spaces of luxury Paris department store, Le Bon Marché.

In the spotlight is ‘Simone’, a strange and invasive aerial suspension that hovers like a hot air balloon under the glass roof of the store.

The 30m-long UFO is a Valkyrie; one of the sprawling, sensual creatures that first appeared in the artist’s work in 2004.

‘Unlike the Nordic war legend, Joana Vasconcelos bestows benevolent powers upon them,’ says a spokesperson for Le Bon Marché. ‘Her Valkyries are powerful and protective female figures who give humans strength and courage. Their envelope made of a patchwork of various fabrics combined with crochet embroidery and precious trimmings gives them a contagious touch of extravagance, like those who will meander through the external windows.’

‘I wanted to pay tribute to all the customers of the store, who are strong and generous women in their own way,’ says Vasconcelos.

Terry Clark
Author: Terry Clark