Macy’s Herald Square has unveiled its iconic holiday windows. Macy’s National Director of Window Presentation, Roya Sullivan, created the 2019 ‘Believe in the Wonder’ themed holiday displays. Materials such as lacquer, chromed parts, LED lights, and 3D objects fill the iconic windows, creating spectacular visuals for eyes to wander throughout the exhibition.

This year’s windows are brought to life by combining modern technological and interactive elements with old school artistry; forming a unique connection that results in an original and imaginative display. Each of the six enchanted windows will take spectators through a journey with Santa Girl as she embraces the spirit of the holidays.


Window #1

The story begins in bustling New York City on a cool November day. It’s the morning of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade® and Santa Girl is watching from the inside of her bedroom. As she watches The Parade, she starts to daydream and thinks quietly to herself, “I wish I were Santa.”

Window #2

With thoughts of St. Nick and the spirit of Christmas running through Santa Girl’s imagination, a window dedicated to the celebration of the holiday lights up Broadway Plaza. Layers of neon and illuminations are charmed into the story. A jolly Santa is intertwining with the large, colourful Christmas tree that is front and centre.

Window #3

Santa Girl is not the only one dreaming of Christmas. Willow the Golden Retriever dreams up a thought bubble while in her fabulous pink dog house, decorated with velvet and neon-coloured lights. Willow is feeling sleepy from playing with Santa Girl and also imagining a world where she is St. Nick. Willow’s dog house features an official countdown to Christmas.

Window #4

Santa has finally arrived in Santa Girl’s house and the sleigh-truck is filled with beautifully wrapped gifts waiting to be delivered. Santa’s truck is state-of-the-art with robotic arms and sprinkled LED lights to brighten the road while travelling. Santa Girl can be seen waiting through the window with her red suit to welcome Mr Claus into her home.

Window #5

Santa is ready to spread good cheer and gifts throughout the neighbourhood. Window revellers are invited to interact with Santa by navigating a vehicle travelling on a road filled with presents. Each time the truck touches a gift, they will burst with luminosities.

Window #6

In the spirit of the holidays, Santa Girl has inspired all to be like Santa. Window revellers can picture themselves as Santa by smiling and taking a photo in the interactive kaleidoscope window. This serves as a reminder that Santa is in all of our hearts.

In addition to the six Broadway windows, the 7th Avenue windows will celebrate the 2019 Holiday Barbie adorned with an elegant gown with red and white holiday print and silvery sparkle detail.