Pernille Lind was briefed to blend in her new re-fit design of the Couverture & The Garbstore entrance into the existing Couverture space on the womenswear and homeware floors of the West London concept store.

“We wanted to create something which was crafted and had character, so it could stand alone amongst the rest of the displayed items and clothing, further it also had to marry well with the rest of the space.” Lind said on the design.

Using bespoke hand-made Italian wall tiles, the new design takes inspiration from Lind’s Danish background by focusing on using natural materials and timber to create a rustic aesthetic. Each tile is a collection of three shapes, with all variations in the glaze due to natural accuracies that occur during the firing process which in turn creates a fine soft burnt orange colour in each one. The gentle colour was also referenced in the velvet used within the jewellery display cabinet as well as the glazed stoneware pendants above the counter.

After seeing Lind’s latest project at the Hotel Sanders in Copenhagen, Couverture founder Emily Dyson reached out to potentially working together on a new design. ‘Working with Pernille on this project has been a wonderful experience. I am thrilled with our new front of house and admire how well the changes work with the existing interior’.

With a Scandinavian design in mind, the key focal point to the space, the shop counter, was created using a warm rustic grade European oak to embrace the natural knots and variations the material has. To keep its natural tone, no staining, varnishing or painting was applied to the wood whilst more timber was used to frame the tiled wall to soften the harder glossy surface.

“The shop itself and the style seen through the eclectic collections and curated displays, was the main influence for the new designs. Overall the shop is very approachable, not minimal or stark, this needed to come through in the new designs too.” said Pernille Lind.