Pianegonda was a worldwide pioneer in design-oriented fashion jewellery in the nineties, it was acquired by Bros Manifatture 3 years ago.  The brand has now opened its first flagship store in the heart of Quadrilatero Della Modo in Milan.


The store concept, developed by the in-house interior design office, embodies the main features of the brand’s DNA: organic shapes and essential architectural codes combined together. Colour shades vary from dark tones to teal-blu by a dialogue between rigid volumes and soft presences. The strong-female matrix of the brand is rendered by an environment which is confident and classy.

Nature and architecture continuously mix and match together within these few square meters: stones, wood, fabric and steel are involved in a dialogue of straight and curved lines and bring the space to life.

Pianegonda’s creations clearly refer to a world of tridimensional dynamism and, on this regard, the custom made hung ceiling lamp can be considered a tribute to Lucio Fontana’s Specialism and his installations with neon lights during his Milanese period.