Delivered by CSM Live alongside Prolab Digital, this funky shopping space provides a quirky backdrop to the brand’s stylish clothing. The bright, bold colours that wrap around the interior and exterior of the container stand in contrast to the refreshing white threads and handmade beachy fashion accessories on offer.  

CSM Live wanted to showcase Pina Colada’s range of lightweight floaty fabrics in inclusive sizes, by bringing the vibrancy of Kite Beach into the store. The bold prints include palm leaves and flamingos. Internally and externally the store is kitted out with fun, hot pink neon signs; making it the perfect ‘instagrammable’ backdrop to shoppers snapshots. 

To make the store as functional and sustainable as possible for the Dubai location, the clothing hangs on bamboo rails, and the container is fitted with Rockwool insulation to prevent heat penetration & loss of cool air in the summer. 

Jane Aldersley of Prolab Digital, commented “This was such a fun delivery to work on. Kite beach is a fantastic, vibrant location and Pina Colada really wanted this reflected in their store’s appearance. The store has become a part of the experience of Kite Beach, providing a picture perfect backdrop for a spot of retail therapy.”


Terry Clark
Author: Terry Clark