Reggiani UK has supplied the lighting scheme for the new Primark store in Centre: MK, the largest shopping centre in Milton Keynes. As one of only two officially nominated Primark suppliers, it was part of Reggiani’s remit to make sure the Milton Keynes store was readily supplied with the requisite template lighting scheme which included the adaptation of all-white fittings instead of black throughout the sales floors.

Located on the old BHS site in Silbury Arcade, the area has been specially restructured to create 3 floors over 75,000 sq. ft. and is the largest retail outlet to open in the centre in the last 25 years.  Primark intends to showcase the company’s vast range of products in this store with the addition of a nail and lash bar in partnership with Lashious.

The lighting brief followed a pre-agreed all white scheme with black fittings only used in specified back-of-house areas.  Fittings include approx. 500 Reggiani track-mounted Junior Roll Ios sited around the perimeter of the sales area to give uniform illumination of the entire periphery as well as ensuring that any special signage, promotions and displays are well lit.   The 30W Junior Roll Ios fittings were especially chosen to deliver some of the highest lumen output figures alongside some of the widest beam angles of the whole scheme at 51 degrees.  A further 539 customised suspended 22W Mini Roll Ios 22W with a more standard output but a wide 52-degree beam angle provide support as well as a decorative interest to the scheme.  The bulk of the sales floors were then divided up by parallel diagonal lines of track incorporating 2,500 standard 22W Mini Roll Ios fittings with beam angles ranging from a tight 16 degrees, through to a moderate 30 and on to a wide 52 degrees according to the requirements of the merchandise on display.

Over 100 of Reggiani’s recessed white MiLED fittings, 32W and 37W respectively, were installed within the individual changing cubicles.  These provide elevated luminous flux exactly where needed along with excellent heat dissipation.  The MiLED fittings were also supported by a number of recessed, fully adjustable 4K Bisio luminaires with trim in the communal changing areas as well as under the escalators and in other back-of-house areas, such as corridors and offices.

Reggiani also supplied its white, track-mounted Mini Roll Ios with barn doors in back-of-house areas and, in the staff café, an eye-catching mixture of approx. 20 400mm large and 200mm small bespoke black Lorosae pendants completed the largely monochrome-designed area.

With the sales floors utilising an all-white lighting design, the central escalator space required a very different lighting scheme that would highlight and define the entry/exit to other floors and draw the customer through the different store levels.  With this in mind, Reggiani helped create a large, eye-catching fitting exclusive to Primark and based on an original Primark variant, the Campana pendant, as used in other stores.  The new Campana Chelsea is a 900mm wide bell-shaped luminaire with a high black gloss exterior and white interior finish.  Designed to make a statement, this surface-mounted luminaire incorporates 3 LED lamps and is fitted with an opaque diffuser to provide a bright but uniform light.   The Campana Chelsea fittings were precisely positioned in parallel rows in the ceiling above the escalators, punctuated by narrow lines of black, track-mounted Mini Roll Ios fixtures to create a striking monochrome effect of light and dark that gently guides customers through the store.

Reggiani has succeeded in providing Primark with an altogether low wattage, high lumen output lighting scheme that provides the punch needed to highlight the merchandise whilst also delivering low power consumption and a comfortable environment for staff and customers alike.

Terry Clark
Author: Terry Clark