Technology, the climate emergency, the plastic pollution crisis and the need for products to be in consumers’ hands faster than ever all dramatically affect how we do business.

The ever-growing demand for more sustainable methods of production, quicker methods of delivery and more high-tech solutions mean that companies must adapt and change to meet these needs. One of our driving principles is to be completely on point with industry trends, and able to forecast future cycles and technologies for our clients, which is why we bring this annual report to the industry we have been working in for over 45 years.

The three key areas we have focused on in this report are:

  • Innovative tech
  • Disruptive business models
  • Climate change

Technology is always at the forefront of innovative retail, and in this report, we bring you a front-line report from our Client Systems & Data Manager Jack Crawford with the low-down on six top trends highlighted at Retail Week’s Tech Festival.

We then look at disruptive innovation in the world of retail, focussing on the use of delivery drones and a closer look at disruptive retail innovator par excellence, Beauty Pie.

In 2019-2020, the future of retail is more than ever linked to the future of the planet, and if 2019 has been the year of climate change activism, for retail that means that the near future will be the age of responding to consumer concerns around climate change with sustainable practice around sourcing and supply chains, packaging, display and re-use. In this report we also look at ‘the Greta Effect’ and how it’s ricocheted right into the world of retail.

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Terry Clark
Author: Terry Clark