Many of us have become aware of CBD. This popular and highly versatile product is being used by people of all ages in order to treat and reduce the symptoms of mental and physical health conditions. It can also be used to prevent or maintain good health in healthy individuals. Whether you are for or against cannabis, CBD products like capsules, oils, gummies and lotions have become some of the most popular items in the wellness market and have been proven to help people in many ways.

This product has complicated regulatory standards and its legal status can be confusing, but it isn’t putting people off this natural anti-inflammatory, painkiller and mental health treatment. If you are unsure about this product and you are wondering whether or not it is something that you should try, then here is the CBD hype explained.


What Are CBD Products?

CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid that can be found in the cannabis plant. Many people worry about experiencing a psychoactive high if they take CBD products, but this is not the case. THC, which is the other well-known cannabinoid found in cannabis, is the product that causes the psychoactive high associated with recreational marijuana. In CBD products, there are only traces of THC, so you don’t feel strange when you take them. THC is required for CBD to work effectively, but CBD products are not allowed to contain more than 0.02% THC. As long as you check the label beforehand, you won’t have to worry about using CBD.

How is it Legal?

THC is what makes marijuana and other cannabis products illegal. As long as CBD products contain no more than 0.02% THC, then they will be classed as a legal product in the UK. This stops the cannabis product falling under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. The majority of countries have banned cannabis for recreational uses due to the THC content. Most nations favour the medicinal benefits of marijuana, which is why CBD products are becoming so popular. Without THC, CBD products are nonintoxicating, which allows you to enjoy the benefits of this cannabinoid without breaking the law, or getting high, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing or taking your new CBD oils or gummies.

What Does it Treat?

Healthy and unhealthy people use CBD for relief, treatment and as a preventative method. It can treat loads of different issues. When used correctly, CBD can relieve pain associated with certain diseases. CBD products can also reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. This has been proven in animal and human studies. CBD has also been known to alleviate symptoms of cancer and cancer treatment. Due to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, it can even reduce joint pain and acne, and it may improve the function of the heart and nervous system. CBD can also provide benefits to those who suffer from neurological disorders. This is just a handful of the things CBD can be effective against and help treat.

Does it Actually Work?

Everyone reacts differently to medication and will respond in their own way to CBD products. If you do some research online, you will be able to see immediate effects in users who suffer from seizures or tremors minutes after taking CBD. Over half of CBD users have said that it helps them to relax and reduces levels of stress and anxiety. Other users have claimed that CBD has helped to improve their ability to sleep, while others have reported a reduction in joint and muscle pain. CBD products come in different forms and strengths, which will affect how well they actually work. The quality of the product and how it has been produced will play a huge part in how well CBD will work for you.

Want to Buy Some?

Fortunately, in the UK, CBD-based products are readily available in wellness stores or online. You just need to make sure you purchase your CBD items from a reputable company. This is to ensure your own safety and the effectiveness of the product. To save you the trouble of carrying out your own research, you can browse a range of Provacan products here. Provacan is classed as the number one CBD oil brand in Handpicked CBD’s Top 20 CBD Oils for 2020 review. They aim to deliver high-quality CBD products to EU and UK markets and guarantee safety, purity and quality. As long as you are buying your CBD from a reputable source, you can expect to see good things from taking CBD.

To summarise, CBD is a completely natural product that is extracted from the cannabis plant. It only contains traces of the psychoactive component known as THC, which is why it is legal. It has been proven to treat a number of health conditions, but everyone responds differently to the product. If you want to buy some for yourself, then check reputable wellness websites, stores and CBD specialists.