Located on the ground floor of a commercial building near the old city in Rajkot. The government licensed Dhiraj Police Store is one of a kind, catering to requirements of the Indian police.

Designed by IKS Architects, the store is uniquely designed to serve the dignitary officials, local policemen and other similar professionals. The requirement was to have a very distinctive store within the region, incorporating a chic, elegant, user-friendly environment that stays true to their profession.



The interior of the store is designed to provide a unique shopping experience and enhance the visibility and individuality of each product. At the entrance of the store, there is a hanging police silhouette carved in MDF welcoming professional customers.

Materials throughout the store were carefully selected so that they would not overpower the products and cater to limited space. The raw finish of metal and wood are highly celebrated throughout the space to give a chic look to the store.

Due to the size of the store, a key element of the design was to accommodate the client’s storage requirements maintaining an equal split of design vs display space. Simple but eye-catching displays were used to show as many accessories as possible without making the store seem chaotic. To enhance the product each display has been justified with a unique background or design element.

The colour theme was largely chosen based on the police profession, which portrays the theme of rustic greens and brown tints.  Products thought-out the space are celebrated with different plays of lights enhancing the overall ambience of the store. Each rack is backlighted to project the clean and straight lines of the fabrics.

Heritage art pieces like wood carved frames, legs of a used sewing machine or the “Atechi” of old houses adds a unique design element to the store. Raw wooden logs are used as stools to sit on and adds a striking effect to continuous PVC rustic floor. The continued use of metal angles acts as a window to the rear display, while metalic pipes extrude from the wall to display footwear.

The gun and accessories display are specially designed according to weight and length. The display section is arranged such that it is easy to demonstrate the product. Material used on the tabletop was extremely experimental as its needs to be scratchproof to avoid wear and tear caused by the guns.

The cap section is also highlighted with a jalli in the background inspired by FLW’s geometrical designs. This adds as an emphasized factor for the importance of the cap in their profession.