Another wave of lockdown is gradually closing in on most countries, but how does this affect moving house?

Everyone has had a fair share in the pandemic outbreak, and countries like Ireland are implementing measures to reduce congestion in outdoor places like malls, housing inspection, parks, etc


The questions that linger in the minds of some, especially those who are planning to relocate to a new environment in Ireland, include:

  • How can we stay safe while we move around?
  • Can I still view a property despite the lockdown?

 Well, since you’re one of those asking, as you read on, you’ll find the right answers and more:

Frequently Asked Questions on Moving Home During The Corona virus Pandemic.

  1. Can I invite a friend over to assist me in relocating?

The Government’s advice is that members of your family are in a better position to assist you in moving house as a means of staying safe. 

2. Am I allowed to visit a property outside of where I presently live?

Moving house involves lots of external activities, and sometimes it could mean leaving your temporary residence in Auckland to buy, rent or even sell a property in Dublin.

If it’s that necessary, then you’re allowed to move around to view the property a second time and resolve every pending issue on it.

3. Is it possible to move house in this lockdown?

Irrespective of where you live in Ireland, the government still supports your moving house, especially if you must. Just ensure to book your appointment ahead with the estate agent and surveyor while looking to relocate.

Ensure that members of your family or support group are involved in helping you move. The rules on social distancing, hand washing, and use; of masks are still applicable even while moving house. Hence abide by it squarely.

4. I’m moving house during the lockdown, can I still access home insurance?

If you cannot wait till the lockdown restrictions are lifted; then you can join others- who are still relocating.

While moving, have you factored in Home insurance? According to Expert broker, theAA insurance, a record number of people are moving to a new property, comparing home insurance quotes online, and securing their homes, especially during the lockdown. Since, many are unsure of when the pandemic will finally be over- That, answers your question!

5. What If I Have To Stay Overnight In The New Location?

If you’re concerned about the provision of the government; for times when you are unable to journey back to your main residence; while “house hunting,” here is a guide that would help to clear your doubts:

Private apartments are still available to people who can’t return to their homes while moving house. So you would not be committing an offense by staying over at private accommodations or even at a second home. However, you should ensure it’s still within your household.

Similarly, public accommodations and hostels are still available to people who have difficulty returning home from their quest to move house. They also have to ensure it’s within their support group or family.

6. Is it still okay to list my home for sale?

Yes, you can! The window for sales and rental of houses is still wide open. Similarly, estate agents, surveyors, conveyance firms, etc are still working. 

But as we earlier said, they are working only with those with whom they have an appointment. So ensure you book an appointment early enough before showing up at any of the physical offices.

Guidelines for Relocating During the Lockdown

The lockdown rules are not difficult to abide by because they are there for your safety. Since you have to move house:

  • Ensure you comply with social distancing.
  • Wear a mask when moving
  • Wash your hands as prescribed
  • Involve your family members in your house moving arrangements
  • And abide by all other guidelines that apply in the country.

New ways of moving house during the Pandemic Lockdown

A lot has changed because of the pandemic, but what really has changed concerning moving house?

Let’s find out!

1. Be prepared for delays

Many are still testing positive for the Coronavirus; since you will need the help; of other service providers like the surveyors, estate agents, etc it’s important to make allowances for them; in case they need to cancel an appointment and self-isolate. 

2. Go Virtual

The internet is replete with lots of resources that can help to minimize your movement during the lockdown. Use the virtual viewing option to have a good view of the house you are about to buy, and you can also list your home online. Just ensure you have a final physical inspection before making payment for the new place.

3. Moving Your Belongings

If you have to use the service of a moving firm, then ensure you: leave open the doors, use separate hand towels, tidy up your belongings and refrain from handing out refreshments to the workers. Ideally, it’s safer to move house with the help of your family members.

4. House Viewing

The rules have changed: The government advises that you should keep physical viewing to two members of your household only. Also, everyone on the property should wear a mask, and social distance.


House moving is still on during the Coronavirus lockdown. 

However, we advise that you postpone moving home, especially if it isn’t a top priority. But if you must move house, ensure you do so with much caution.