The deliberate design of every touchpoint in the end to end customer experience (whether in store or online) is critical to success – especially now. The retail sector is under fire, but it has also been given the opportunity to reset. When the world turns upside down, there will be winners and there will be losers. How retail companies deliver an exceptional Customer Experience during a time of crisis could be the difference between struggling, and surviving – and thriving.

Retail is the lifeblood of the global economy, but consumers are fed up with the current uncertainty. What they want, and need most, is consistency and convenience. People want to be connected but at home; want more personalised contact, yet remain contactless.

Nicolette Wuring, a Senior Leader with 20+ years of leading large service operations, and in her recent paper for CX company TribeCX, she sets out the key challenges now facing retail leaders as they develop a winning customer strategy and work out how to compete with online-only players (who are getting pretty good at delivering an unbelievable experience themselves).

Young couple with paperbags having talk while walking in modern mall after shopping
Terry Clark
Author: Terry Clark